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Welcome to Doctors Hospice Southern California

Doctors Hospice Southern California can be exceptionally helpful for families in hospice situations. We know the level of difficulty involved in managing terminal illness and the same goes for family members who grieve for the imminent loss of a loved one.

Holding HandsYou can turn to us for the relief and comfort that hospice care was built upon. Your support team at Doctors Hospice Southern California is made up of professionals who are compassionate, patient and understanding.

We offer our services in such a way that you will be given more control over the care services that you or your loved one receives. Although there is limited time when a diagnosis of terminal illness is made, you can rest assured that there is no limit to our dedication as hospice care providers.

Holding hands Our Mission STATEMENT
To provide the highest quality of care to patients with life limiting illness. We strive to honor life with respect, integrity and dignity. We take our mission to the heart and pride ourselves on being dedicated professionals committed to quality and compassionate care.